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Bar Tips | Facts

Please Ask Us Questions...

Tips for ordering the appropriate beverage service:
Select the Bar Service you require.
If you are just serving wine, beer and even a Signature
Drink select the Basic Bar Service.
If you are offering a full liquor bar, select Premium Bar Service. You must choose one or the other services, as we cannot guess what your guests will drink. We bring enough bar set-ups to accommodate the crowd. If you are using a premium service, we might split stations to move things along more quickly, we may put wine & beer at one station and mixed drinks at another.  It is still considered Premium for the entire guest count, as we will have enough to accommodate all of your guests.
2.  Select the station(s) you require. You can mix and match stations. For example, you can have a Standard Station and an Enhanced Martini Bar Station.
3.  How many bartenders do I need? We recommend one per fifty guests for wine and beer stations and teetotaler stations (alcohol free). For premium bars with full liquor service, depending on timing of event and efficiency desired, it can be one or two per 50-75 guests.
4.  Can I order a bartender without bar service or a bar station? No, we require our clients to order a Bar Service (Basic or Premium) and/or a Bar Station.
5.  Who supplies the alcohol and how much should be ordered?
By Colorado State law the client must provide all the alcohol (wine, beer & liquor) However this enables you to get the best price you can. Quantity varies depending on the guest list.  We will be happy to discuss quantity for your event with you.
6.What wine should be served with my menu selection? Contact us and we will match wines with you menu.
Minimum of 25 guests 20% service charge and applicable sales tax apply 30% due upon placement of order, remainder due 1 week prior to event